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Roofing Godfrey IL

Roofing Godfrey IL

How do the shingles look, have you been on your roof lately? One of the most important sources of protection for your house is your roof. It not only guards all your belongings inside your home from all the elements of nature, but it also helps your air temperature to remain consistent during the day and at night. What keeps the cold air locked into your home in Godfrey, Illinois during the humid summer months and the heat during the freezing cold winters? The answer is your roof; it keeps nature outside and your comfortable environment inside.

roofing godfrey il

Storm and Wind Damage Repair in Godfrey IL

Here at Ryan Construction and Roofing, we can help you repair the roof of your home after a violent storm. With 35 years of roofing experience, we have seen the catastrophic damage that has been left in the wake of storms. We will work with your home insurance company for the estimate of your roofing repairs. It is our goal to provide the repairs for your roof as quickly and as painless as possible. We want to get your roof repaired to keep all of nature’s pesky interruptions out of your hair and mind.

You Have Shingle Options in Godfrey IL

Ryan Construction and Roofing know that every roof tells a different story. That is why we offer a wide selection of shingles for you to use on your roof and tell your own story. Here are a few choices to consider.

roofing shingles repair service in godfrey il

Metal Shingle

Some of the strongest shingles available for a homeowner, metal shingles can resist 120 miles per hour winds, can be crafted in any shape, and are very low maintenance. 

Clay Tile Shingles

Clay shingles can last over a century, meaning the classic look these shingles give your home will last for years. These shingles weigh more than most shingles.

Slate Tile

These tiles need naturally mined slate in order to be crafted and can be installed in a diverse range of patterns. Slate shingles protect your home from all of nature’s pests and elements. 

Standing Stem

These aluminum tiles are great for winter. When snow falls on the tiles, it begins to melt and will slide off your roof. Being made from aluminum, these tiles will not rust or degrade over time. 

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles require very little maintenance. You will need to do a quick wash of these tiles to remove all the dirt off the tiles. Concrete tiles are all-weather proof and bug resistant.